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Published on August 31, 2009 at 12:47 am  Comments (4)  

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  1. Art , you make some very good points , particularly about opportunities for residents’ opportunities for self actualization in senior living environments . Too many operators talk the talk (and actually believe their own BS) about this but continue to operate with an institutional mindset , because its convenient and efficient .

    It seems to me that Freedom , Choice, and Independence are synonymous , interchangeable terms , and should be at the forefront of all operational decision making , balanced of course with best practices for safety , and regulatory compliance .



    • Lee,

      Thank you for your comments. One of the most common “talk the talk” scenarios I have run into is when operators state that they provide independent living. A hotel provides independent living and many senior housing projects do little more to PROMOTE INDEPENDENCE for their seniors than the hotel does. Activity programs are often nothing more than “filler” with no thought of truly improving the resident’s life experience for that day.

      I would welcome a further discussion about Paradigm’s initiatives in this regard, as well as any opportunity for you to utilize my background and ideas to assist you in any of your projects or endeavors.


  2. Hey you.

    This is an awesome site.
    I look so forward to catching up with you



  3. Nicely done! You nailed it Art and certainly reinforced my thoughts and lent credibility to my own instincts of what the direction for senior living should be. Thank you!


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