Continuing Challenges or OPPORTUNITY …

for the Senior Living Industry?

Will operators continue to “cut costs” – even when it entails reducing services for the residents?

Will the focus continue to be on “need-driven” admissions and move-ins?

Will the average age of residents continue to increase while the average length of stay decreases?

Will new development and innovations continue to stagnate?

Will the “Aging in Place” movement continue to gain strength with seniors choosing to buy more services that help them stay in their personal residences?


Is this the year that:

a)       The industry begins to prepare for the changing demands and needs of new generations of potential residents? [READ MORE]

b) Progressive visionaries challenge the “status quo” in design and operational philosophies?  [Update to Follow]

c) More emphasis is placed on providing a quality lifestyle for the resident, regardless of his/her medical (physical & mental) limitations/capabilities?  [Update to Follow]

d) Operators embrace new technologies to provide a stronger value proposition as a viable alternative to the prospect remaining in their own home? [Update to Follow]

e) New entrants from outside the industry and foreign investors assume leadership roles with new energy and vision?  [Update to Follow]


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  1. Happy New Year Art!
    Your topics for discussion and reflection are timely and full of insight. Keep up the good work.
    Dr.Cathleen V. Carr


  2. Happy New Year Art!
    You are right on with this notice. Here at Savannah Commons we have begun to look at ways to decrease the average age of our resident base, increase the value of the lifestyle of our community and to increase service levels and opportunities for the younger resident.


  3. Happy New Year Art. Am looking forward to another healthful and beneficial year.



  4. Happy New Years all!!! Looking forward to a progressive 2011!

    Your friends at GrandCare Systems!!!


  5. Hi Art – Happy Belated New Year!
    Our Senior Living Industry clients are embracing new technology and focusing on a higher quality lifestyle for their residents. Looking forward to a healthy 2011!

    CORE Communications


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